13 x Airbus A320-214 (Type 214) New!

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Information Product: Airbus A320-200 (Type 214)
Brand New
Facilities: European
Availability: up to thirteen (13)
Service and guarantee: directly from Airbus, begin after delivery
FIX Unit Price Aircraft: FCO

Aircraft Type Airbus A320-214
Engine Model: CFM56-5B4/P
Noise Abatement Compliance Stage III iaw. ICAO Annex 16
Interior Arrangement 174 All Tourist
Lavatory: 3
Galleys (with chiller) G1,G5 (Bucher), with ATLAS Boxes & Trolleys

Total Hours 0 FH
Total Cycle 0 Cycles
Maximum Taxi Weight 73,900 kg
Maximum Take-off Weight 73,500 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 64,500 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 61,000 kg
Operational Empty Weight TBD
Maximum Usable Fuel Capacity 19,088 kg

The Operator’s approved Maintenance Program is to conform to the Manufacturer’s MPD.
Base Check interval 6,000 FH, 4,500 FC, 20 Months (whichever comes first)
Line Check interval 750 FH, 750 FC, 120 Days (whichever comes first)
Last Base Maint. Check performed N/A
Next Due Base Maint. Check 1C at 6,000 FH or 4,500 / Date of Manufacturing+20 Months.

Model: CFM56-5B4/P
Thrust Rate 27K lbs
Total Hours: TSN 0
Total Cycles: TSN 0
Last SV: N/A
TSLSV: Manufacture
1st LLP Limiter: Several LLP’s at 20.000 CYC
Remaining CYC of 1st Limiter 20,000 CYC
MFG Date CYC since New
Nose Landing Gear 2015 0 CYC
Left Main Landing Gear 2015 0 CYC
Right Main Landing Gear 2015 0 CYC
Interval for LDG OH 20,000 CYC or 10 Years (w/e comes first)
BRAKES Manufacture Messier-Bugatti

Manufacturer Honeywell
Model 131-9A
Total APU Hours 0 APU Hours
Total APU Cycles 0 APU Cycles
APU LLP OH Interval 30,000 APU Cycles
Rem. APU Cycles to 1st Limiter 30,000 APU Cycles

A 25 – Equipment & Furnishing
Seats Tourist (Leather Covers) 174 Recaro
Galley 1 (chilled) 1 Bucher
Galley 5 (chilled) 1 Bucher
Ovens 4 Sell

ATA 22 – Automatic flight Controls
FMGC 2 Thales
FCU 1 Smith
ATA 23 – Communication
HF transceiver 1 Rockwell Collins
Transceiver VHF/COMM 3 Thales
CIDS Director 2 KID
FAP Panel 1 KID
ATSU 1 Airbus
ELT 1 Thales
Integrated CDSS System (Controller) 1 Securaplane

ATA 23 – Passenger Entertainment System – Audio
Main Multiplexer 1 Panasonic
Video Monitor 10” LCD L/H 10 Panasonic
Video Monitor 10” LCD R/H 10 Panasonic
Video System Control Unit 1 Panasonic
Video Reproducer H18 2 Panasonic
CD Reproducer, Audio 1 Panasonic
Flight Track Server 1 Lufthansa

ATA 27 – Flight Controls
ELAC 2 Thales
SEC 3 Thales

ATA 31 – Indication and Recording System
Flight Data Recorder 1 L3
Cockpit Voice Recorder 1 L3
FDIMU 1 Sagem
Printer Multi-Port FANS 1 Honeywell
MDDU 1 Sagem
DMC 3 Thales
Display Unit 6 Thales

ATA 34 – Navigation
Multi Mode Receiver ILS/GPS 2 Thales
Weather Radar MultiscanTransceiver 1 Rockwell Collins
T2CAS Computer 1 Thales
ATC-Mode S Transponder 2 L3
Radio Altimeter (LRRA) Transceiver 2 Thales
ADIRU 3 Northrop Grumman
MCDU 2 Thales
VOR Marker Beacon 2 Rockwell Collins
DME 2 Rockwell Collins
ADF 1 Rockwell Collins
Integrated Stby Indication Sys, (ISIS) 1 Thales

Price and information on request!

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